RSVP-SIS Github Launch

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PatternAgents has created a new Github Site for the community development of RSVP-SIS.

Modern configurable System-on-Chip and Field Programmable Gate Array devices, are a blank slate for designers to draw on. However, most systems require several common resources and peripherals in order to present the user with a usable "System Platform" upon which to base an application.

The initial Reference System Virtual Platforms are designed to provide useful baseline systems with commonly required resources and peripherals, as well as a vendor neutral, portable API to access and control those resources and peripherals.

While most semiconductor vendors will provide a baseline "driver" library for their parts, or a configuation tool within their IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to select and configure IP blocks, these tend to be unique, vendor specific, and/or proprietary in nature. It can often take a significant amount of work to port an embedded application from one SOC/Microprocessor family to another.

RSVP-SIS is intended to provide a vendor neutral, and device/architecture agnostic set of resources, peripherals, and Application Programming Interfaces (API's) with which to access them.

By providing a common set of resources and API's, embedded applications can be ported more rapidly, and with less code modification or if/def configuration. We are also looking at several complimentary efforts underway in this subject area, including MRAPI and MCAPI, for a common API structure.

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